Together we achieve great things.

We want to build a company where every person can be authentic at all times. That's why we do everything we can to promote diversity, equality and inclusion.

Our culture

We are successful at what we do because we believe diversity, equity and inclusion make for an outstanding team.


Diversity for us means that we bring together people of different genders, races, ages, education backgrounds, nationalities and all the other things that make us unique.


Everyone at SPARETECH is treated fairly and equally. We ensure that everyone has access to means and opportunities suited to them, which help them advance in their individual path with high success.


We make sure that everyone feels welcomed, included, and encouraged at all times. All opinions and thoughts are heard and considered with equal importance. Our highest objective is a feeling of belonging and contribution.

Together Strong

Your voice counts.

Together, we create a work environment where our international teams can grow, share and collaborate closely. Regardless of your team or work experience, we make sure your voice is heard at SPARETECH - whether it's development opportunities, process improvements or a fun idea to boost team spirit.

Personal development

We grow together.

We are convinced that success in life consists of more than just work. Yet a large part of our days is made up of work. That's why it's our job to make sure you feel like you've accomplished something at the end of your day. Together, we look for opportunities to develop and grow. We value informal and formal feedback because it is the foundation for your personal and professional growth.

Celebrating Fails and Successes

We are not afraid of failures.

We pursue an ambitious vision and every day we face different challenges to achieve this goal. Of course, we sometimes fail. We are convinced that the lessons we learn from failures are even more valuable than those we learn from successes. That's why we have a culture where successes and failures are proactively celebrated and shared, for example in our company-wide "Fail and Success" meeting every Friday afternoon.

We love to celebrate success.

Although we are a remote-first company, our team cohesion is strong through virtual coffee breaks, impromptu video meetings and our legendary events. At least twice a year, we meet in person and celebrate our successes at unforgettable team events. Check out the video from our last outdoor weekend to get a first glimpse.

Our values

At SPARETECH, we are guided by three core values that we have developed together as a team.


We are open-minded, curious and motivated.


We are transparent, professional and ambitious.


We support each other and create great things together.

Anja Schäfer
Human Resources

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