We make sure no one misses out on SPARETECH

The Marketing and Sales Teams bring the solution for digital spare parts management to the market.

<span>We make sure no one misses out on SPARETECH</span>

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We make it rain.

Our mission is to inspire customers on their journey from the first meeting to ongoing support in the use of our software. In doing so, we interact with customers from different industries and hierarchy levels. We are our customers' trusted advisor, first point of contact and solution finder. Our goal is to recognize and tap the potential of digitalization in our customers' spare parts business.

<span>We make it rain.</span>

We make sure the world knows about our product and us.

We set out to build a brand that revolutionizes and shapes an industry. Our goal is to create awareness of the challenges and issues facing the manufacturing industry. Since this is not a one-man job, we work closely with multiple teams within SPARETECH to create content and campaigns that show our target audience how SPARETECH can solve their problems.

<span>We make sure the world knows about our product and us.</span>
Anna Wrede - Marketing Manager

"As a marketer at SPARETECH, I have to look at one and the same topic from different angles, find the right words at any time and make sure that we become known in the industry. It's never boring! "

Marketing Manager
Daniel Handloicke - Key Account Manager

"For me, working in sales at SPARETECH means constantly developing myself in a fast-paced environment, taking on new perspectives, bearing a lot of responsibility and motivating each other to achieve new heights every day."

Key Account Manager
Felix Dosch - Key Account Management Lead

"At SPARETECH, the focus is not only on the Customer Journey, but also on each team member's own journey."

Key Account Management Lead
Simon Besser - Key Account Manager

"In addition to the exciting sales process, I enjoy the interaction with the other departments and the opportunity to help shape the company's development."

Key Account Manager
Anja Schäfer
Human Resources

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