Our Product Vision: Availability Platform

SPARETECH links suppliers and operators on one platform in order to reduce spare parts inventory by 80% while ensuring 99% spare parts availability.

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Supply Transparency

Quick and structured overview of the sources of supply for individual parts or entire parts lists.

Spare Parts on Demand

Shifting the time of purchase close to the time of actual consumption.

Availability Contracts

Conclude availability contracts instead of building up spare parts inventories. Order spare parts only when they are needed.

Cost factor spare parts

Production downtime can quickly become extremely expensive for companies. For this reason, the spare parts stocks add up to several million euros to be prepared for emergencies. However, the same spare part is often available in several warehouses at different locations - the common-part-rate is often 15 to 25%. What is missing is a transparent data situation in the ERP systems. This is where SPARETECH comes into play.

Analysis of globally operating industrial companies

> 109 million
Euro spare parts inventory volume

Work with other warehouses in your production network to keep average inventory levels at optimal levels.

+ 12%
Annual increase in inventory

Compare sourcing options for similar parts to achieve savings through substitutions and bundling effects.

Material numbers in the ERP system

Eliminate the need to search online or in catalogs and let the software create and update master data in seconds.

SPARETECH identifies synergies at the push of a button

In the first step, SPARETECH's solution ensures transparency by clearly identifying spare parts using state-of-the-art technologies from the fields of semantic data management, Big Data and automated data processing. In the second step, duplicates, discontinuations and common parts across locations are made visible and supplemented with original manufacturer product information. The result is a complete and error-free database.

Availability transparency for industrial spare parts

With SPARETECH you get full transparency about different spare part sources. You get an overview of the availability of the spare part at different suppliers and their delivery times. Once you have found a relevant supplier, you can request a quote with just a few clicks. In addition, we monitor the regular service levels of the various suppliers and can make them specifically transparent with daily updates based on your needs.

Overview of spare parts availability directly in the SPARETECH app

Pilot project with Leadec: spare parts pooling

Based on our database, Leadec is building a cross-site warehouse management system in which several plants access a central spare parts warehouse (inventory pooling). This integrated approach reduces inventories and saves costs while increasing availability. Leadec brings its expertise in plant logistics and maintenance from daily operations in more than 300 plants worldwide. Contact us to participate in this pilot project.


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