We transform industrial spare parts data into an efficient, reliable, and collaborative experience.


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Our values

At SPARETECH, we are guided by three core values that we have developed together as a team.


We are open-minded, curious and motivated.


We are transparent, professional and ambitious.


We support each other and create great things together.


Martin Weber

Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Lukas Biedermann

Managing Director / Chief Collaboration Officer

Marc Hild

Head of Partner Management

Robert Woloschanowski

Head of Product

Georgi Staykov

VP Engineering

Anja-Maria Schäfer

Head of People & Culture

Anna Wrede

Senior Marketing Manager

Martin Weber

Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer

Martin Weber is Co-Founder and CEO of SPARETECH. On his way to make spare parts management more efficient, reliable and collaborative with SPARETECH, he wants to create an inspiring environment for personal and professional development in his startup. Throughout his career, with stints at Porsche Consulting and Lufthansa, he learned in-depth industry knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking with the goal of driving sustainable growth. Driven by his conviction to foster the further development of others, Weber is also a mentor for early-stage founders and start-ups.

Dr. Lukas Biedermann

Managing Director / Chief Collaboration Officer

Dr. Lukas Biedermann is Co-Founder and CCO of SPARETECH. He wants to make the vision of a "zero-waste industrial sharing economy" possible through efficient, reliable and collaborative spare parts management. Along the way, he relies on co-innovation and decentralized organizational structures. Before co-founding SPARETECH, he led international projects in the automotive and aerospace industries as a manager at Porsche Consulting, as well as in other industries. The supply chain expert, who holds a doctorate, is convinced that the challenges facing the manufacturing industry, such as digitalization, servitization and CO2 emissions reduction, can be solved primarily through advanced technologies and cross-company collaboration. Biedermann's dissertation on success factors for expanding resilient supply chains has already been downloaded by more than 36,000 interested parties.

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We create transparency & efficiency in spare parts management

SPARETECH is the SaaS platform that enables manufacturing companies to automate their spare parts management processes from identification to spare parts ordering, thereby sustainably reducing inventories, costs, and CO2 emissions.

Together with our well known customers and partners, we are shaping the future of industrial spare parts management. We also provide a valuable piece for the Industry 4.0 vision of a complete digital twin.

If you want to learn more about us or our solution, don't hesitate to contact us. You can also find the latest press releases on our news page. And for all those who want to change themselves and the world: Yes, we are hiring!

Our vision

Zero-waste industrial sharing economy

We believe that the manufacturing industry will change fundamentally. Global mega trends such as digitalization and supply chain disruption, and in particular the climate crisis, will force manufacturing companies worldwide to rethink their business models. New forms of collaboration will emerge, where the sharing of industry resources will be the decisive key to success. All changes are leading to a common goal for our planet: to create "zero-waste." Join us on the road to efficient, reliable, and collaborative spare parts management.

We are hiring!

Become part of our motivated and international team and share your success story with us. Check out our open positions!

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