Automated BOM check

Get your spare part lists checked automatically by SPARETECH algorithms and matched with your material master.

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Material Master Matching

The spare parts lists are compared with the material master, including duplicate and obsolescence checks.

Data Completion

After a successful spare parts list check, materials to be created are completed with original manufacturer product information.

Import into ERP system

Newly created material data can be downloaded from the web application for import into the ERP system.

Detect duplicates immediately

With the automatic spare parts list check, you can efficiently and reliably detect which material already exists in your material master and whether duplicates can be found within the lists.

For this purpose, SPARETECH's matching algorithms match the list items with your material master and within the list. In this way, you prevent the creation of new duplicates in the material master and ensure that spare parts are not purchased twice and three times, thus saving procurement costs and reducing inventories.

Identify original manufacturers

All items of your spare parts list are automatically matched with the SPARETECH database. Thus, we help you to identify the manufacturer of the spare parts and to complete your data automatically with original manufacturer product information. Information from equipment manufacturers and distributors are reliably decoded. In addition, incorrect list items are identified as clarification cases.

Realize savings potentials

Identifying duplicates and pointing out original manufacturers raises enormous savings potential. On the one hand, spare parts are often sold at lower prices by the original manufacturer than by the plant OEM, enabling you to reduce procurement costs by an average of 13%. On the other hand, automated spare parts list checking saves you a great deal of manual work and is therefore around 57% faster on average.

Identification of spare parts data


New spare parts lists

Provided as Excel, CSV file, or other file formats

Automated BOM Check

SPARETECH algorithms

Automatic checking of your spare parts lists, identification of duplicates and completion with original manufacturer data


Import file for the material master

For material number creation or change in the ERP system

What our customers and partners say

"SPARETECH has enabled us to reduce our spare parts inventory by 135.000€ at the push of a button."

Friedhelm Iske
Friedhelm Iske
Head of Strategy & Technology

"The SPARETECH algorithm recognizes duplicates better than anything we have seen before. Duplicate stocks are a thing of the past for us."

Timo Thomas
Timo Thomas
Corporate Technology

"SPARETECH checks all new spare parts lists automatically, which means an increase in efficiency of more than 50%.
This is how digitalization works!"

Marcus Strauß
Marcus Strauß
Maintenance manager

"We are impressed by SPARETECH. Our search times have been reduced by over 50% and for additional questions the support is always available."

Markus Schuster
Markus Schuster
Industrial Asset Services

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