Material creation & change made easy

Quickly create clean, duplicate-free materials with the help of SPARETECH's global system of records for industrial spare parts.

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Perform live duplicate checks

Intelligent algorithms perform a live duplicate check to reliably avoid duplicate material numbers.

Pre-fill based on verified product suggestions

Easily create data records from the Sparetech database to create your material data quickly and reliably in your ERP system.

Material Management & Configuration

Configurable material request forms and approval processes ensure compliance and error-free ERP synchronisation.

The Material Creation Workflow

Configure your individual fields for material creation with direct import into your ERP system. Learn more in the video.

Live Check for Duplicates

The matching algorithms developed by Sparetech prevent the unintentional duplication of existing material. Whenever you are creating a new material within the app, a live duplicate check against your material master is being done to ensure that your master data stays free of duplicates. If more than one plant is connected with the App, you can find cross-plant duplicates as well and optimize inventory levels accordingly.

100% Original Manufacturer Data at your fingertips

Transfer error-free original manufacturer data directly into your ERP system. By using the Sparetech database, with product data records of leading manufacturers, new materials can be created automatically with 100% correct and complete product information.

What others say

"Thanks to SPARETECH, we achieved time savings of over 50% in searching and material creation. At the same time, our data quality and completeness increased significantly."

Jörg Gräbener
Jörg Gräbener
Manager Enterprise Information Management

"SPARETECH checks all new spare parts lists automatically, which means an increase in efficiency of more than 50%. This is how digitalization works!"

Marcus Strauß
Marcus Strauß
Head of Maintenance Robert Bosch GmbH

"We are impressed by SPARETECH. Our search times have been reduced by over 50% and for additional questions the support is always available."

Markus Schuster
Markus Schuster
Industrial Asset Services

"SPARETECH has enabled us to reduce our spare parts inventory by 135.000€ at the push of a button."

Friedhelm Iske
Friedhelm Iske
Head of Strategy & Technology

"The SPARETECH algorithm recognizes duplicates better than anything we have seen before. Duplicate stocks are a thing of the past for us."

Timo Thomas
Timo Thomas
Corporate Technology

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