Always up-to-date about discontinuations & successor products

MRO obsolescence management is a proactive approach to identifying and managing the risk of discontinued parts. By getting all manufacturer announcements of discontinuations, and the successor product in one dashboard, obsolescence management is easier than ever before.

Why is efficient obsolescence management crucial?

Proactive obsolescence management keeps unplanned machine downtime as short as possible

Production downtimes cause significant costs, especially if they are caused by discontinued parts that are not available in stock or among suppliers. Using alternative sources of supply often leads to longer delivery times, higher costs and additional effort.

Reduce procurement costs through transparency on discontinuations, successor products and suppliers

Proactive discontinuation management avoids the high costs of procuring discontinued spare parts. Instead, critical parts can be ordered early or, thanks to successor and supplier information, procured when needed at the best price and shortest delivery time.

With the help of software, manual effort can be reduced to a minimum, even with thousands of MRO spare parts in stock

The larger the production facilities get, the more complex it becomes to track and maintain MRO data. As a result, many maintenance teams find it difficult to keep track of discontinuations and successor information that is sent out by many suppliers via a wide variety of channels.

Supply chain shortages can be effectively resolved through transparent obsolescence management

Dependence on global supply chains for components can make it difficult to procure obsolete MRO spare parts. Transparency regarding the availability of spare parts in the company's own production network and from suppliers worldwide can resolve individual supply chain disruptions.

Keep track of discontinued products with ease

When a manufacturer stops making and selling a particular spare part, it's because there's new technology, less demand, or a better product. With SPARETECH's app, you can easily track when this happens to the parts you use. Get the latest updates and prepare for any changes ahead of time.

Get information about the successor parts you need

The information about successor products are sourced directly from our partners like Festo, Bosch Rexroth, and many others. This way you can check at any time, which product is available to substitute the discontinued part. Utilizing SPARETECH's data you are always up-to-date and keep track of the successor products you might need in the event of a machine failure.

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What others say

"SPARETECH checks all new spare parts lists automatically, which means an increase in efficiency of more than 50%. This is how digitalization works!"

Marcus Strauß
Marcus Strauß
Head of Maintenance Robert Bosch GmbH

"Thanks to SPARETECH, we achieved time savings of over 50% in searching and material creation. At the same time, our data quality and completeness increased significantly."

Jörg Gräbener
Jörg Gräbener
Manager Enterprise Information Management

"Thanks to the efficient and reliable data preparation of over 30,000 material numbers, we were able to immediately start reducing inventories in all plants."

René Hackbart
René Hackbart
Director Maintenance
ElringKlinger AG

"If data is going to be the new gold, it has to reach every customer correctly and completely. Together with SPARETECH, we are working hard to realize the enormous potential deriving from data.”

Artur Bondza
Artur Bondza
Head of Product Information & Content Management

"SPARETECH has enabled us to reduce our spare parts inventory by 135.000€ at the push of a button."

Friedhelm Iske
Friedhelm Iske
Head of Strategy & Technology

"The SPARETECH algorithm recognizes duplicates better than anything we have seen before. Duplicate stocks are a thing of the past for us."

Timo Thomas
Timo Thomas
Corporate Technology

"SPARETECH performs pioneering work at the data level so that our service teams can proactively support joint end customers in resolving technical clarification cases. A real win-win-win situation."

Manfred Haase
Manfred Haase
Vice President Service Industrial Hydraulics

"We are impressed by SPARETECH. Our search times have been reduced by over 50% and for additional questions the support is always available."

Markus Schuster
Markus Schuster
Industrial Asset Services

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