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How SPARETECH creates business impact

Managing spare parts data brings significant operational benefits, such as high ROI through optimized inventory management, cost savings and improved operational efficiency. By minimizing scrapping, providing information for procurement and improving resource allocation, companies can achieve growth and competitiveness in their industry.


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Procurement costs

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Takle the huge challenges in maintenance right and start to reduce your inventory and procurement costs sustainably. Calculate your individual ROI to see how much time, money and other resources you can save by our software solution.

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Reduce your working capital to regain free cash flow

SPARETECH helps to optimize your inventory levels and to reduce your working capital. By gaining transparency of available sources and automatic detection of duplicates, you can minimize the risk of overstocking, whilst having a constant overview of available suppliers on the market. This ensures optimal inventory, reduces excess safety stock, and minimizes capital tied up in spare parts, freeing funds for other operational requirements.

Less CO2 emissions through reduced spare parts scraping

Manufacturing companies want to avoid machine downtime at all costs. Therefore they maintain extensive on-site spare parts inventories. However, 42% of all purchased spare parts are never used in the life-cycle of the machine and end up scrapped. Beyond the financial costs, this practice represents an ecological disaster, wasting resources, energy, and global supply chain logistics for no value. With SPARETECH, you only get to purchase parts that you actually need, leading to sustainably reduced parts scrapping and CO2 emissions.

Increasing the resilience of the supply chain through data transparency and consistency

SPARETECH provides insights on spare parts data throughout the entire supply chain. The extensive SPARETECH database, comprising millions of original manufacturer and supplier data sets, facilitates seamless communication and reduces dependence on individual suppliers. This supply chain transparency, empowers businesses to maintain operations in the event of supply chain disruptions. In a world where supply chain resilience is key, SPARETECH stands as the go-to solution for efficient and resilient spare parts management.

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What others say

"SPARETECH checks all new spare parts lists automatically, which means an increase in efficiency of more than 50%. This is how digitalization works!"

Marcus Strauß
Marcus Strauß
Head of Maintenance Robert Bosch GmbH

"Thanks to SPARETECH, we achieved time savings of over 50% in searching and material creation. At the same time, our data quality and completeness increased significantly."

Jörg Gräbener
Jörg Gräbener
Manager Enterprise Information Management

"Thanks to the efficient and reliable data preparation of over 30,000 material numbers, we were able to immediately start reducing inventories in all plants."

René Hackbart
René Hackbart
Director Maintenance
ElringKlinger AG

"If data is going to be the new gold, it has to reach every customer correctly and completely. Together with SPARETECH, we are working hard to realize the enormous potential deriving from data.”

Artur Bondza
Artur Bondza
Head of Product Information & Content Management

"SPARETECH has enabled us to reduce our spare parts inventory by 135.000€ at the push of a button."

Friedhelm Iske
Friedhelm Iske
Head of Strategy & Technology

"The SPARETECH algorithm recognizes duplicates better than anything we have seen before. Duplicate stocks are a thing of the past for us."

Timo Thomas
Timo Thomas
Corporate Technology

"SPARETECH performs pioneering work at the data level so that our service teams can proactively support joint end customers in resolving technical clarification cases. A real win-win-win situation."

Manfred Haase
Manfred Haase
Vice President Service Industrial Hydraulics

"We are impressed by SPARETECH. Our search times have been reduced by over 50% and for additional questions the support is always available."

Markus Schuster
Markus Schuster
Industrial Asset Services

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