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Reducing unplanned downtime is crucial to ensure high machine and equipment availability. Yet, finding needed spare parts during a machine failure can be challenging. Discover how reliable spare parts data helps to minimize machine downtime.

How to eliminate unplanned downtime?

One of the main levers to reduce unplanned downtime is to have a proper spare parts data management in place. Having reliable, up-to-date information about spare parts in the system helps to identify needed parts quickly when it comes to unforeseen machine failures.

1. Identify the cause of unplanned downtimes

Insufficient spare parts data quality often leads to unplanned machine downtime, hindering quick repairs and causing operational disruptions.

2. Improve data quality & automate through software

Software tools automate spare parts management processes which leads to reduced downtimes and increased efficiency during machine failures.

3. Monitor KPIs and track results

KPIs such as mean time to repair (MTTR) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) help to evaluate and continuously improve measures to minimize downtimes.

1. Identify the root cause for unplanned downtimes

Machine downtime due to missing spare parts, can be attributed to various factors, such as wrong or inadequate spare part information in the ERP system, limited ERP search capabilities yielding no results, and a lack of information about available spare parts within the production network. These issues are all rooted in unreliable and non-transparent spare parts master data.

2. Improve data quality & automate through software

Software tools can massively help to fix the root cause for machine downtimes. SPARETECH detects errors, duplicates and discontinued products in the customer ERP System and enhances it with reliable spare parts data from original manufacturers and suppliers. In combination with an effective search and automated BoM-Checks this enables maintenance teams to find needed spare parts immediately during unexpected failures. The transparency and automation provided by the software speeds up processes from the identification to the ordering of spare parts significantly.

3. Monitor KPIs and track results

After addressing the root causes of machine downtimes, KPIs and metrics such as Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTR) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) should be tracked diligently to see how much time and money could be saved.

Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTR)

By closely observing MTR, a company gains insights into the time it takes to address and fix equipment breakdowns, enabling timely interventions to streamline repair procedures and minimize delays.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Tracking OEE offers a comprehensive view of production efficiency, pinpointing areas for improvement and enabling proactive measures to optimize equipment utilization.
This data-driven approach empowers manufacturing teams to swiftly identify and address issues, allocate resources more efficiently, and implement preventive maintenance strategies, which contributes to a significant reduction in machine downtime.

With software to success



Identify duplicates and obsolescence in the material master to sustainably reduce inventories.
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Downtime risks

Rely on a data-based approach so that the right part is available in the right place at the right time.

Procurement costs

Compare procurement options of identical parts to achieve savings through substitutes and bundling effects.
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Manual effort

Save yourself the online/catalog search and let the software create and update the master data within seconds.
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How does SPARETECH work in your daily operations?

  • Completion with original manufacturer information

    for 100% data quality and orderability, e.g. by product name, product description, EAN, article numbers, type codes, ECLASS IDs, etc.

  • Addition of the current product status (active, discontinued)

    for reduced risks from obsolete spare parts 
(obsolescence management)

  • Transparency of available suppliers

    thanks to access to the SPARETECH database

  • Direct Interface to ERP System

    Apply changes through change requests directly to the existing material master via interface to your ERP System

What others say

"SPARETECH checks all new spare parts lists automatically, which means an increase in efficiency of more than 50%. This is how digitalization works!"

Marcus Strauß
Marcus Strauß
Head of Maintenance Robert Bosch GmbH

"Thanks to SPARETECH, we achieved time savings of over 50% in searching and material creation. At the same time, our data quality and completeness increased significantly."

Jörg Gräbener
Jörg Gräbener
Manager Enterprise Information Management

"Thanks to the efficient and reliable data preparation of over 30,000 material numbers, we were able to immediately start reducing inventories in all plants."

René Hackbart
René Hackbart
Director Maintenance
ElringKlinger AG

"If data is going to be the new gold, it has to reach every customer correctly and completely. Together with SPARETECH, we are working hard to realize the enormous potential deriving from data.”

Artur Bondza
Artur Bondza
Head of Product Information & Content Management

"SPARETECH has enabled us to reduce our spare parts inventory by 135.000€ at the push of a button."

Friedhelm Iske
Friedhelm Iske
Head of Strategy & Technology

"The SPARETECH algorithm recognizes duplicates better than anything we have seen before. Duplicate stocks are a thing of the past for us."

Timo Thomas
Timo Thomas
Corporate Technology

"SPARETECH performs pioneering work at the data level so that our service teams can proactively support joint end customers in resolving technical clarification cases. A real win-win-win situation."

Manfred Haase
Manfred Haase
Vice President Service Industrial Hydraulics

"We are impressed by SPARETECH. Our search times have been reduced by over 50% and for additional questions the support is always available."

Markus Schuster
Markus Schuster
Industrial Asset Services

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