We are the reason why our customers love us

The Customer Success Management Team is on the front line of our success. We set our customers up for success.

<span>We are the reason why our customers love us</span>

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About us

We ensure that our customers are successful.

We ensure that our customers' requests are processed on time and with great care. Proximity to our customers makes us an important source of product improvements - we regularly initiate optimizations and improvements to our product and business processes. We want to inspire our customers and ensure high satisfaction with our Customer Success Management by providing exceptional service around our products.

We ensure that our customers are successful.
What we do

We support the customer and each other as a team.

After acquiring a new customer, our team is responsible for guiding them through the onboarding process to ensure we take our customers' spare parts management to the next level. Our daily tasks include BOM checks, material master cleansing and optimization, and app configurations. As you can see, no two days are the same at our company.

We support the customer and each other as a team.
Andrej Korolik - Customer Success Manager

"Working in the CSM team is varied and exciting. As the link between our customers and the SPARETECH application, there is a lot to learn every day. The cohesion and cooperation in the team is great, so no one is left in the lurch!"

Customer Success Manager
Benedikt Weiß - Customer Success Manager

"Being faced with new challenges every day means growing and improving every day. Experiencing all this in a great team where you are supported and can rely on cohesion makes it all the more fun."

Customer Success Manager
Selina Deniz - Customer Success Manager

"What makes SPARETECH so special is the great team atmosphere. Although we work from different cities, we stay in close contact and support each other."

Customer Success Manager
Anja Schäfer
People & Culture

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