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In which languages is the SPARETECH app available?

SPARETECH is available in a variety of languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish. This enables a smooth global roll-out and helps to overcome language barriers with plants from other countries.

How does the SPARETECH onboarding process work?

From kickoff to go-live, the SPARETECH Customer Success Team guides you through every step of your journey with proactive support and proven best practices. Your success starts long before you actually use the SPARETECH app.

Can I map the master data of several plants in the SPARETECH app?

Yes, this is explicitly recommended. Storing data for multiple plants in the SPARETECH app allows you to know exactly where a material is located. This enables you to determine if ordering is necessary or if it makes more sense to obtain the part from a neighboring plant.

Learn more in our customer story with Yanfeng:
Cross-location spare parts management.

Can I buy my spare parts directly via SPARETECH?

In the SPARETECH app, a link to the corresponding webshop is displayed. You can order the part through the link provided in our partners' and distributors' webshops.

How do you handle spare parts that are becoming obsolete?

In the SPARETECH app, you receive a permanent overview of all your discontinued parts. Within the overview, you can see which parts are already discontinued and what their respective successors look like. This information helps optimize your obsolescence management proactively.

Learn more about how to optimize your obsolescence management with SPARETECH.

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Does SPARETECH replace my SAP/ERP system?

No, SPARETECH does not replace ERP systems and has no intention of doing so. Our solution works as a filter before the spare parts data enters your ERP system. The SPARETECH app ensures that only error-free information is imported into the ERP system. In addition, it cleans and enriches data that already present in the ERP system with original manufacturer information.

Do I need an ERP system to use it?

It is not mandatory to use an ERP system for master data management. You can use the SPARETECH app to manage your master data. However, please note that SPARETECH is not an ERP system and does not generate material numbers. It is recommended to use an ERP system for inventory and order management.

Does the SPARETECH app work with all ERP systems?

Yes, as long as your ERP system allows exporting master data records with all essential information, such as material number, item number, manufacturer designation, etc.

Is a direct connection to my ERP system possible?

Yes, if you use SAP as your ERP system, we can create a direct interface to automate data transfer.

How does the data exchange work?

The transfer of master data to the SPARETECH app can be done either through a data exchange format or a direct interface.

Find more information in our blog article: Data exchange possibilities between SPARETECH and ERP systems.

In what rhythm does data exchange occur?

You can choose freely. Data exchange can occur hourly, daily or weekly, depending on your preferences.

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How many of my data records are identified by the SPARETECH app and enriched with original manufacturer information?
How many of my data records are identified by the SPARETECH app and enriched with original manufacturer information?

This depends on several factors, including the completeness and data quality of your master data, as well as the utilization of the SPARETECH database. You can determine this through our free master data analysis. Our team will analyze your master data for free, providing information on data quality, matching rate, and more. If your important manufacturers/suppliers are not included in the SPARETECH database, our partner management team will work to include them.

Is it still possible to optimize the data, even when we have some very old spare parts for our machines?

In case of a collaboration between your company and SPARETECH, we include missing manufacturers in our database. You can see whether the old parts of your machines are in our database and how they can be enriched with original manufacturer information through a free master data analysis.

Your database may not include all the manufacturers that are relevant to us. How do you address this?

In a free analysis of your master data, we determine which spare parts from which manufacturers we can identify. Manufacturers relevant to you but not available in our database are contacted by our Partner Management team for collaboration. Our database grows daily as we add new partners. Get your free master data analysis.

Where do you get your spare parts information from?

We obtain spare parts information from selected original manufacturers and suppliers. The original manufacturer source serves as the single source of truth, ensuring the best possible data quality.

Is my data securely protected at SPARETECH?

All data on our platform is located in German data centers that are ISO27001-certified and meet strict standards. Hosting and data exchange to your end devices is encrypted. Industry leaders such as Porsche, Bosch, VW, Nestlé and many others already rely on us. See for yourself and talk to one of our experts.

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How much will SPARETECH cost me?

Sparetech enables you to significantly reduce your inventory and storage costs, procurement costs, as well as manual effort and downtime costs. Our pricing model is designed to ensure that your actual savings exceed the annual cost of the Sparetech app by a multiple. Benefit from our platform by making decisions based on reliable data. Your investment in spare parts data quality is the guarantee for immediate and long-term savings.

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How do I know what my savings potential will be?

After our initial demo, we will analyze your master data for free and determine the potential savings you can achieve. Our team is currently working on a dedicated ROI Calculator that will allow you to estimate your potential savings yourself.In the meantime, you can also visit our website to learn more about how we drive business impact and what our customers have achieved.

Can I test the app free of charge?

Yes. After our initial demo, we will analyze your master data for free and quantify your potential savings. Afterwards, you will receive a free test account, which you can use with your own spare parts data.

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