API solution for seamless integration with your IT systems

The automated data exchange between SPARETECH and your system accelerates and improves your processes.

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A graphic that shows how the Sparetech App acts as the middleman between a database and ERP Systems, such as SAP.

Optimal efficiency

SPARETECH integrates seamlessly and enables automated master data synchronization in near real-time.

High data quality

Ensure 100% master data quality with the SPARETECH database and eliminate manual synchronization between systems.


With the SPARETECH API, you can easily scale and improve spare parts data management across different plants.

Automated process with our API interface

The SPARETECH API enables seamless synchronization of data between the SPARETECH application and various other systems, including ERP and MDM, providing an efficient and effortless experience.

REHAU success story: Save time & effort

With SPARETECH and its direct interface to SAP, REHAU was able to reduce search times and the time to create a material in SAP by over 50%. In addition, SPARETECH identified 1,800 duplicates and 1,500 discontinued products in REHAU's material master. With SPARETECH Insights, REHAU is taking its spare parts management to the next level.

Optimize your processes

Take the opportunity to seamlessly integrate SPARETECH via our API and benefit from the expertise and support of our dedicated team. Through the official partnership with SAP, we developed an interface that allows you to effortlessly exchange data between your ERP system and SPARETECH.

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SPARETECH is the fastest way to reduce inventories, costs and CO2 emissions in spare parts management.